The Head Start Scheme
Here at Taits you can take part in our Head Start scheme aimed at 14 - 17 year olds. Why not learn the basic skills required to drive in a safe and off road environment ? The only requirement is proof of age for insurance purposes.
Young Driver with father

Why Do Young Drivers Have A Higher Accident Risk ?
There are a wide range of reasons why young and novice drivers have a higher accident risk, but the main factors are:
  • age
  • lack of driving experience
  • over-confidence in their abilities
  •  under-estimation of risk
  • poor hazard perception
  • poor attitudes to driving (which are usually linked to personal characteristics and general social attitudes)
  • gender
  • peer pressure (from passengers)
  • parental influence
How can the Tait's School of Motoring help ?
A large part of learning to drive is promoting positive beliefs & attitudes to driving, developing and sound understanding of the driver's limitations and instilling responsibility and maturity behind the wheel of the car while retaining a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

Introducing driving lessons at a younger age allows the driver to gain knowledge and experience in the first steps of learning to drive safely and responsibly.

All lessons will include:

  • Professional driving tuition from a qualified DSA Approved Instructor
  • Instructor is CRB Checked
  • Modern car with dual controls
  • Learn the basics of the car controls
  • Learn how to start and stop the car in a controlled manner
  • Learn how to manoeuvre through the gears smoothly
  • Learn how to perform the bay park manouvere
  • Learn how to perform an emergency stop
  • Learn junction work approaching and emerging left
  • Learn junction work approaching and emerging right

Young Driver

Some recent testimonials we have received for the Head Start programme
Picture of driver I really enjoyed my driving experience !
Ellie Tait , November 2013
Picture of driver Loved it and wants to do it again !!
Shannon Mitchell, November 2013

Do you want to help a young person learn to drive in a safe environment ?
Tait's Head start scheme makes an excellent present and gift vouchers are available upon request.